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"Not Yuena-san, Yuena."


A girl met a boy when have been getting soaked in the fountain.

Afterward she was transferred to Tomoki's school.

She likes to eat and always looking forward

to tha sweets Utano Shinonome brings.

She is frank to everyone and can't feel out the situation.

According to her, she has some work to do.


"Of course. 

           I'm grateful for you."

Utano Shinonome

She is club president of Kotonoha Circle and Tomoki's senior at school.She comes club room faster than anybody, and likes looking of Tomoki coming club room.

She is beautiful girl that everyone admits, and respected in school,

but is not at all concerned it.

She is always a guiding principle for Tomoki.

She likes universe, is curious about unidentifiable riddle of Far fireworks.

イラスト (3).png

Tomoki Mukai

Main character in this story.

In the past,he had an accident on his way to see Far fireworks

and lost a friend he was with.

He entered junior high school with a feeling of loss due to it,

and practically forced to join to Kotonoha Circle by Utano Shinonome.
He likes reading and astronomical observations.

He has a cautious personality to stop and think about everything,

but he hate his personality that can't take a step with momentum.

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