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―Far fireworks―

That flash orange and white in the sky, and bloom blue flower at the end.

This celestial event has recently begun to appear and people call that "Far fireworks."

The story is set in nondescript rural junior high scool.

Tomoki belong to a club that mix literatureclub and tea ceremony club.

That called "Kotonoha Circle."

It was the night he saw Far fireworks. He meets soaked girl in the center of lake.

He spend usual days with Yuena and club president of Kotonoha Circle,

Utano Shinonome,but suddenly accelerated unreality approaches the peaceful reality.​

An unreal secret that approaches when you meet someone you thought you couldn't meet.

― ■■ in the world.

Even if taking her hand will eventually change the world, I am ー.

A summer seem to prolong the moment cross between two people for all eternity.

I'm still praying in the sky that time should continue forever.

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